Our aim is to graft a new quality onto the organisation of conferences in Poland. We apply individual approach to every project so as to combine the interests of participants in the conference with those of the partners. Hence, we manage to build an independent business platform for exchange of experience. Our operations focus on three areas:
• Arrangement of conferences: A cyclic conference on "Designing the Future" is our proprietary project. Dedicated to the use of Building Information Modelling technologies in the investment process (www.projektowanieprzyszlosci.pl), it has already had two sessions in 2014 and 2015. The third event will take place in April 2016 at Narvil Hotel in Serock, Poland. Moreover, KONFOTEKA was the first operator of the "November Credit & Collection Days" conference dedicated to credit risk management (www.nccd.pl).
We are responsible for management and operation of the international CREDIT MATTERS IV conference which will occur in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 21 - 22 October, 2015 (www.creditcee.eu/credit-matters-iv-2015/). KONFOTEKA is the manager and operator of the 3rd International Conference on Environment Protection from Communication Noise TRANSNOISE 2016 (www.transnoise.pl). We organise and administer conferences and training sessions. We co-operate with training and conference centres all over Poland. Our services cover the event operating stages as follows: • Development of invitations and mailing;
• Supervision over the process of check-in and accommodation of participants in the conference / training session;
• Co-operation with centres and hotels which accommodate participants in the conference / training session and organisation of conference spaces;
• Organisation of transport for participants in the conference / training session (if required) from the airport to the conference centre;
• Development of conference and training materials (PR, editing, typesetting, and printing), and
• Ongoing supervision over the progress in a conference / training session. KONFOTEKA takes the load of organisation and support of a conference or training session off the Customer's mind so that the Customer can focus exclusively on the event as its host with no need to get puzzled over administration or logistic problems. Needless to say that the Customer can be sure the guests and visitors will enjoy the highest quality of unmatched services in this industry. Our offer is developed on the basis of discussions with our Customers in order to meet precisely their needs. The same individual approach applies to the cost estimation which always depends on the scope of services. • Custom Publishing: We are responsible for typesetting, editing, and printing the Wiadomości Projektanta Budownictwa monthly to the order of Izba Projektowania Budowlanego [Building Design Chamber]. Małgorzata Rutkowska, President of the Board of KONFOTEKA, is the Editor-in-Chief of this review and Joanna Seroczyńska is responsible for linguistic editing. Custom Publishing offer contains complex development of reviews, magazines, or other periodical press starting from the design through proofreading, editorial work, design of dummy, and printing.

• Incentive: Here you will find a novel proposal of dedicated visits to Moravia. This project is implemented in co-operation with Wine4Life from Brno, Czech Republic (www.wine4life.cz).