KONFOTEKA Sp. z o.o. has been active on the conference and training operator market since July 2013. Ms. Małgorzata Rutkowska and Ms. Joanna Seroczyńska make up the core of the company which is founded on solid pillars of their long-term experience in preliminaries and support of the events addressed to the insurance and finance environment as well as to the companies from the general sector of building design. The two ladies benefit from support of acknowledged professionals and experts. So far, they have commercialised four exclusive projects:

  • Insurance & Reinsurance Days Conference: 1st event in 2016;
  • Insurance & Reinsurance RUN!: race addressed to the insurance environment, with the 1st event held in 2016;
  • Designing the Future cyclic conferences (three events);
  • November Credit & Collection Days Conference: 1st event in 2014.

Our mission and purpose consist in continuous extension and expansion of the offer of attractive events addressed to the insurance and reinsurance environment.